Dairy Farmer
Manage costs and performance through modern feed management software tied directly to the mixer.
Managing feed can be messy. From loading and tracking to logging and optimization, dairy farmers need a streamlined approach that connects load mixer with management software.
Management software's bloated and hard to use. Transferring data's a hassle.
TAP FEED is the latest evolution fusing these key workflows. Tied directly to the mixer, the solution drastically improves efficiency while offering the most relevant management features in an intuitive interface built in collaboration with the industry.
TAP INTO CONNECTED FEED MANAGEMENTTake control of your feed costs and optimize livestock performance.
TAP FEED Software
Easily manage products, feeding groups, feed lists, load mixers, feeding periods, operators, and more. Efficiently create and export comprehensive reports, including ingredients usage, loads, DM intake per head, ration delivery, group delivery, and operator accuracy. Plus, permit access and share with trusted advisors. Feed management has never been easier, more connected and cost-effective.
In-Cab FEED App
Standalone and fully integrated into TAP FEED, offering easy-to-use functionality, including loads, recipes, feeding groups, and an exportable report. Free with the latest lineup of Bluetooth Digi-Star indicators and weigh convertors, the FEED mobile app enables an organic transition into feed management for many customers not currently using software.
Indicators, Convertors & Load Cells
Coupled with Digi-Star Bluetooth indicators, convertors, and load cells, TAP FEED is easy to setup and integrate. Instantly enhance your capability and step into powerful feed management software.
EASY TO USE, RELEVANT FEATURESDeveloped in collaboration with dairy farmers, the software is intuitive with the features you need.
Manage Products
Manage ingredients, recipes and premixes for the entire herd.
Feed Groups
Manage feed groups, assign recipes and daily requirements.
Feeding Lists
Manage feed groups in a clean table/list format.
Load Mixers
Manage load intervals and lists. Send loads directly to mixers.
Easily view and export feed management reports for analysis and performance optimization.
Manage general feed mixer information, feeding periods and operators.
Share all or select data with trusted advisors directly through the platform.