Harness valuable insights from data captured in your fields today to plan for better outcomes in the future.
Finding the data you need when you need it.
Working with data can be a pain. That’s why many farmers haven’t bothered to spend much time analyzing their data for more profitable decisions. Downloading files, sorting through piles of thumb drives and accessing data from various sources can be tedious and time consuming – especially after a long day in the field.
"TAP changes everything, because I can access that data on whichever device I want.  It allows me to farm more acres and use that same piece of equipment and get more out of it." Jeff Bathurst, Owner, Bathurst & Sons Family Farms, Abilene, KS
Farmers need a single, easy-to-use platform where all farming activities can be quickly and intuitively organized and managed
Are you getting the most from your data?Take control of your business and remove the data headache.
Interactive maps
Easily visualize fields and accurately display only what is needed. The interactive maps used in the TAP platform are intuitive without unnecessary complication. Quickly access high-quality visualization without all the hassle.
Easy and efficient data collection
When data is uploaded, TAP automatically recognizes field locations, regardless of name, and consolidates data into one location for organized review.
Uncomplicated farm information management
We keep it simple. We don’t require users to input anything prior to data upload and visualization. No extensive setup processes. Just upload and go. That is the TAP difference.