Offer superior in-field support to your customers to improve their uptime and efficiency.
Dealers recognize the added benefits of offering both in-field and preventative maintenance services to keep their customers up and running in the field. Through real-time remote support and planned preventative maintenance, you can help your customers ensure they are field-ready whenever needed.
"I want to be more connected to my customers so that I can ensure they are not only happy with the equipment I sell them, but that they are up and running when they need to be. Either on-site or in the shop, we understand that maintenance or mechanical failures steal valuable time from our customers. Anything we can do to help minimize that downtime is extremely helpful."
Dealers need to add value through a proactive approach and keep customers operational when it matters most.
Are you using machine alerts and monitoring to proactively help your customers manage machine uptime?
Remote Support
Quickly and easily take over in-cab console to provide help when needed.
Alerts before they become failures
Use telematic alarms to proactively help your customers avoid time consuming and costly performance issues of machines. Provide preventative machine health reminders and services on planned basis.
A platform for both machine and agronomic data in one, convenient place.
We live in a world full of chaos and noise. When various data types are brought together in a single platform, we can help to eliminate some of the chaos and provide a more holistic view of the operation for the end-user while driving a solid service model for the dealership. Machines will fail. They also require maintenance. A dealer who helps to minimize the pain of the inevitable will prove their value and earn loyalty with their customers.